Tuesday, May 29, 2012


To those who think that only women should wear hijab, you are mistaken , men as well are required to wear cloths that are suitable ... Hijab is not only a piece of cloths that you wear on your head , its connected with the inner hijab that we should all practice as Muslims in our everyday life... female and males !!

To those who think that Hijab alone show you the way to heaven ... you should view things with a holistic perspective as there are many things in Islam that are connected ... because of this isolated perspective we have lot of people in our society having no idea what Islam is all about !! and I am sure most of you know that in Jordan , girls wearing hijab are the majority!! yet our society is missed up !!! and no way neat 3afaf concept which is always linked to Hijab !!

only when you get the connection between your outer and inner eman ( faith) with a good intention ( neyah ) then you can work and pray to alla to guide you the the straight path !!

الى الناس الذين يعتقدون ان النساء هن المطالبات فقط بارتداء الحجاب .قد اخطؤو الظن ...حتى الرجال مطالبين بارتداء ملابس لا تلفت النظر و فيها شيء من الحشمة !!! الحجاب هو ليس فقط قطعة من القماش نرتديها على رؤوسنا , يجب ان يكون مرتبط ارتباطا عميقا مع حجابنا الداخلي الذي يتوجب علينا القيام به ذكورا و اناثا !!

الى من يعتقد ان الحجاب هو الطريق الوحيد للجنة ...عليكم النظر بطريقة اوسع و اكثر ترابطا للامور ...الاسلام دين مترابط و هناك العديد من الامور التي تحتاج الكثير من التحليل!!و لاننا دائما نحكم بطريقة ضيقة و بنظر ضعيف على الامور,نجد المعظم في دولنا الاسلامية و في مجتمعنا ينقصون الادراك الفعلي و الكامل للاسلام ! و انا على ثقة انكم تعلمون ان البنات المرتديات للحجاب يشكلن الاكثرية , مع ذلك مجتمعنا في اسوأ حال !! و على بعد تام من شيء يسمى العفاف الذي يربط بالحجاب فقط!!

فقط عندما تدرك الترابط بين جميع العناصر المكونة للاسلام , و عندما نربط بين الايمان الخارجي و الداخلي مع وجود نية صافية عندها تستطيع العمل و الدعاء الى الله ان يهدينا الى الصراط المستقيم !! الصراط الذي يؤدي ان شاء الله الى الجنة !!

Note : I believe in Hijab , its so important and an integral part of being a Muslim girl but without having a connection with your inner faith , and having it standing alone with a lot of bad manners !! this just worsen the image of Hijab !! Hijab should make you a better person and guide you to better life only if it goes alone with good manner and good understanding of it and reasons behind wearing it !!

ملاحظة : انا مؤمنة بالحجاب ايمان كلي, لانه واجب على كل فتاه مسلمة و فيه مرضاة لله سبحانه و تعالى , لكن اذا وجد دون وجود ترابط مع حجابنا و ايماننا الداخلي , ووجد دون تكامل مع اخلاقنا التي يفترض ان تتطابق مع الحجاب ...فهذا يشوه الصورة الفعلية للحجاب !! الحجاب يجب ان يصنع منك انسان افضل و يقودك الى حياة اجمل و لكن هذا فقط يتم مع فهم عميق لماهية الحجاب و ارتدائه للاسباب الصحيحة ...من اجل ارضاء الله تعالى ...ليس لارضاء البشر المحيطين بك !!

القاكم في البوست القادم ...حتى ذلك الوقت في امان الله ...سلام


Anonymous said...

With you...

This is Islam.

But you wear Hijab?

rua said...

Actually I am not wearing it right now ... But I want to wear it for 2 reasons...
1- To please god
2- It will indicate that I am a Muslim girl !

I just hate the idea that a lot if guys have of girls not wearing Hijab, you cant judge someone by the outside look.
no one knows how you think , what you do behind the closed doors and what is your status to god... and no one has the right to judge...

I love when people try to advice you and pray for your hedayah ( finding the right path) but hate it when they are trying just to insult you instead !!

Actually I wrote this as a response to a friend words on this picture that actually hurt me!

he said " clear your intentions and wear hijab girls" ...who said that by wearing Hijab your intentions become good ...you can be a non believer with great intentions !!

I just don't understand people understanding of this great religion , Islam is amazing yet people tend to focus on things and forget other things in it... this is wrong !!

but this is my personal opinion , I dont like to forse other people to have the same believes I have !!

Anonymous said...

Really I shocked.

You have a solid pure doctrine.
I believe with the same.

But i guess you involve in many discussion that hurt you?

If you knock the door you have to be ready to listen to the answer.

And a lot of us judge on you depends on there past or they didn't know you !

Overall if you believe with what you do, don't care of anyone ^__^

rua said...

Thank you for your kind words ^^

But actually I didnt even knock the door >.<
I was not discussing the importance of Hijab nor the trustfulness of it as I know it is something that as Muslim women we should wear !!

Also I believe that we should not argue a lot over things that are so clear , we as Muslims should only obey most of the times without thinking a lot ( prayers , zakah , fara2ed) !

I was just trying to say that Hijab is not something that based on it alone you will enter hell or heaven!! this is my whole argument !!

That is the point I was trying to reach !!
as you said as people don't know you they tend to make judgments !!

May alla guide our ummah ( Islam nation ) to the straight path \(^-^)/
alla yehdi umetna el islameyeh

rua said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello dear, currently I'm reading about world's religions and gender equality, searching on internet I found your blog and I would like to know an opinion coming from a muslim girl.

About the hijab, is something mandatory by the Quran ? or it's just implicated with your culture, what is the reason of wearing it?;

I always have had on mind that muslim religion is very severe with gender equality, I think a man can have several wives under certain circumstances, this kind of practices are valid nowadays in muslim countries?; as a muslim girl you were willing to accept this situation ?;

I would like to know also the muslim's posture about homosexuality. There are some religions that do not allow blood transfusion (implicating also organ donation), is that allowed according to muslim religion?;

I do not pretend to go into a deep debate, I just want to understand those issues.

Thank you dear a lot.

rua said...

Hi , salam (peace)^_^

glad you found my blog and I am glad that you are reading about different religions because by doing this you can understand many people living in this universe ^.^
a lot of people tend to judge without reading or by doing selective reading ^.^

so Thank you for your efforts ! I am sorry for the late reply !

Hijab is mandatory and its mentioned in the QUraan but not mentioned a lot ...like if you compare it to prayers and zakah ( annual money taken for the poor , 2 times a year)! and its not one of the pillars of islam ( there is one god and mohammad is the prophet of god, 5 prayers , zakah , fasting , pilgrimage ) !

But the importance of it is that it actually make girls more conservative ...and it shows the identity of a Muslim girl and this is noticeable abroad ! everyone will know that she is Muslim which is cool ! but however for me I don't think of the reason a lot ! its just a command by god and wearing it will please god and pleasing god is important for entering heaven ! ( now some people will think this is crazy but religion is about believing so !)

As for gender equality actually Islam was fair to the women in general ... Islam came in a time where men used to bury their own Daughters out of shame !
however for a man to marry more than one wife there are many rules that should be followed ! one is that he should be fair and equal to all of them ! ( money , love , care ...etc) and this is of course hard !

second he should tell his first wife that he will marry another one !

third there are many situations were a man find himself in need to marry another wife ! I know my friend whose husband married another woman with her acceptance because she couldn't have babies , she was the one who said you can marry if you want and now the first wife treats the kids of the second wife like her own !

now of course , I am sad to say that many people have bad practices and they don't apply these rules! thus you see very bad examples in the society ! its not Islamic !

organ donation is ok !

Also about homos its not ok in Islam and to be honest I don't wanna hate on them but I don't feel relived around them ! so this is in most religions because its considered against nature and because there will be no complete family ! no babies ! no complete family ! against the cycle of life!

I appreciate your effort to read !

yes I am muslim but I am reading the bible and I am planning to have it soon ! its amazing to see other religions ! who knows ! maybe you can find your self in one of these religions !

And if not then you will gain an amazing understanding of other people thoughts and values !

so thank you and sorry again for the late reply T_T

I was extremely busy !