Wednesday, May 23, 2012

هنا تموت الأفكار

ازرق: انا عندي فكرة و حاسس انو هاي الفكرة رح تغير وضعنا للاحسن بس بدي تعاونكم معي

احمر١: مين مفكر حالك ليكون أينشتاين و مش عارفين

احمر٢: بعدين مين قلك وضعنا مو منيح ... هينا مناكل و منشرب

احمر٣: انت جحود لنعمة الله... احمد ربك في ناس مو ...لاقية تأكل و انت بدك تغير وضعنا

احمر٤: روح نام... إحنا هيك وضعنا منيح... الحمد لله على نعمة الأمن و الأمان

ازرق: خلص انا بس كنت بدي انو أعيش حياة كريمة و أرقى لوضع أحسن ... بس قولتكم انا لحالي شو بقدر اعمل !!!!!

هنا تموت الأفكار و قاتلها اكثر من فرد واحد... التغيير يبدأ من النفس لينتشر للمحيط ثم للمجتمع

نراكم في البوست القادم ...كانت معكم رؤى

ملاحظة : هذه الصورة كانت عبارة عن بوست لصديقة لي على الفيس ! و هذا كان تعليق على البوست


Anonymous said...

Nothing called "Here is the ideas death"

If you believe in your idea it will never gone.

But if you have an opinion just for sharing thinking; Absolutely it will die since our humanity base on the opposition thinking in-front of any new idea.

About the idea that you believe in . . . It will never die since you will pass it to your friends and your children and so on.

Because they believe in you and they will believe in your idea.

Your idea will never dies if you believe on it and work for it.

rua said...

I don't know why you are being aggressive in giving your opinion!

for me this is what I Think , its my opinion.
according to what I think yes there is something called "here ideas dies"

I am not talking about me , I am talking about many cases that I saw representing this from my own experience living in my society!!

now if you have other experience then you can disagree. but in this topic there is no wrong and right.

by the way you cant control your children and no one can , you cant control the ideas you give to your children and you cant guarantee that they will believe in the ideas you believe in even if they believe in you as a person!! sometimes they can disappoint you !! and again I see this a lot !

I am not saying that this good , nor am I saying that this is the situation for everyone !!
this is wrong you need to fight for your ideas !!

but I am just trying to express the reality here ... we need to see reality and look at the negative points so that we can fix things!!

and passing your ideas to your friends and children instead of making them happen on your own is a failure I Think !!!

ideas die if you let them die , of course ideas die every second in this enormous world !!
maybe you never saw it , well I did !!

this is why in this topic there is no one opinion. its not black or white..

but thank you anyway for commenting anonymous ^.^