Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Presentation pressure!

Salam readers of my blog :)

I am stressed as my med term presentation is approaching , it's this sutarday:/ To present infront of the fuculty is challenging since each professor has his/her own prespdctive of how a presentation Should be.I have a main academic advisor who asked me to put all my fieldwork finding and a 2 co-advisors, of which one asked me to focus on the process rather than the findings and another who has a conceptual prespdctive. Of course it's good to get a lot of feedback but sometimes when feedbacks contradicts it can result in a headache to The poor researcher who finds him/her self lost on their own thoughts.

Anyway,today I spent a lovely day at home working on my presentation knowing that each step I make brings me closer to the graduation day. Always say to my self "yalla rua ganbatte, your almost there ", ensha2allah

I enjoyed a nice kabsah that I cooked, I am a great cooker Maybe I should cook more:) May Allah blessy my time

I wanna have fun and relax in my love , where else Japan Of course Jordan always in the heart but still love Japan ;)

Until next post Salam :))))


Qutaibah said...

Ganbatte kudasai Rua chan
wish to you the best

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rua
I guess you are so smart and you can.

And about "kabsah" that you cooked I didn't eat it but i think its "yummi".

About the professors; don't care of them at all, because the main test they want to do it with you "nerves test". keep going and do your best without caring of any body.

keep with the gad and the gad will be with you.

And Jordan waits for you !

rua said...

qutaibah thank you very much for your unlasting support ^-^

anynymous may I ask you who are you?
I mean thank you so much for your nice words buut who are you ?
I would like to know please ^-^