Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new day ^-^

In today's class "sustainable development" , students who are already in their second year of masters "senpai's" will do presentations about their field work held in their countries in whatever areas their research is based on.

wow this reminded me of the project I made for "management in japan course" that I took last semseter, I don't know if you guys checked it or not , anyway in case you didn't , here it is ^-^

enjoy ^-^


Imi chan said...

o.o that helps me actually in my project... even if its not about japan xD
nice =) and thnx for posting :D

Qutaibah said...

yea so nice documentary

rua said...

lol yeah eman , I am so glad that it can help u in some way ^_^

qutaibah , I am glad u liked it ^_^

ukyou said...

Rua san,

Please share some of the content of the sustainable development course. I really think it is a great Topic.

Please enjoy your studies, and don"t stay up to late (I usually did that and it really is very unhealthy and depressing)

rua said...

I will Tymoor sensei ^_^

This is from my study actually ^_^

I will try to post things because lately I was really busy ^_^