Sunday, October 17, 2010

wow...Vandana shiva ^^

Through my study which is "Human security and communication" I run into many issues that is considered the roots of many problems that the world is facing right now such as global warming, hunger, disease and many other.

I ve been taking a course this semester that is called "development and the local community" in which we argue that globalization is not always the answer to the problems and issues that the developing countries are facing, actually the word " development" is an idea that first came to public when Truman gave a speech after WW2 in 1949 in which 9 billion people was suddenly considered poor and underdeveloped!!

One of the main issues that developing countries facing is food security, and in order to solve this issue, a lot of companies started making genetic agricultural seeds and sell it to farmers in third world countries in order to produce more food thus eliminate the problem of hunger.(hidden reason is economic profit of course)

Farmers are producing one crop in a huge piece of land (green revolution), and this is in order to increase production which will eventually lead to food security, well at least this is what the green revolutions was all about!!

But the irony is that farmers growing food are the ones who suffer from hunger the most, well, the reason for that is that they don't produce stable food anymore to feed themselves, instead they produce one crop and then sell it to the market in order to get a sufficient amount of money that is enough to cover the expensive chemicals that goes into the soil.
(Farmers can't afford genetic seeds and chemicals thus this lead to huge debt)

In India farmers who started growing crops using genetic manufactured seeds are facing huge problems, dept problems and soil contamination problem due to mono-culture and not growing diverse crops plus hunger problems, so a lot of those helpless farmers take their lives and find suicide the only answer to their problems.

Vandana shiva is an Indian activist who believes that globalization is not the answer to food scarcity problem, she believes that localization and organic farming is the only answer for all the problems that the world is facing right now including global warming, she thinks that organic farming is a challenge since an organic farmer must understand nature and this is not an easy thing.

anyway, she is an inspiring individual, and she try to raise people awareness about the food that we eat and how it's important to get nutritious food, she believes that freedom and peace can be achieved through food.

anyway here is a link for one of her interviews , I just love her ^^

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