Sunday, December 5, 2010 it that great ?

I went to hakone this weekend because I really wanted to see momiji (autumn leaves) , I went with my best friend kanji chan, when we arrived there the tourist information guide >-> told us that its already late and all the momiji had fallen and its too late now.

we felt really bad at the time, hakone is really far and we came especially to see momiji >=<
we were really disappointed, but we decided to be more happy and try to do something,so we did!

finding waterfalls was our mission ;p

and the cool thing is that in our way the scenery was amazing and not all the momiji had fallen >-> ( bad guide ),a good point of what the pessimistic guide said about the status of momiji was that we went crazy whenever we saw a tree with momiji leaves lol.

but at the end I realized something that is really important and this is its not the place that I enjoyed - although it was breathtaking - but its the company of my best friend that made it amazing.

I felt really lucky that I am not a lone in this country and that I will discover Japan this time not a lone , no no no , next time, new place, new adventure , but with you kanji chan ^--^

tanoshimi ;p

ps, I remembered momiji chan ;p since its her season ;p


Kanji_chan said...

subete owacchatterun desuyo~ ;D

rua said...

loool hai hai sou itta >-<
pessimistic lady >->