Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last day in Japan T_T

My last day in Japan was full and very emotional, I felt really sad T_T that my journey will come to an end, it wasn’t just a trip to some country , it was much more , an experience of a life time with 53 nice people from 50 different countries , it was a dream that came true for me.

The last day party was really amazing, kumagai san asked some participants to make a performance in front of our Japanese families that were really kind to spend a day with us ^^

When kumagai san asked us “is there is anyone who wants to make a performance??” I was confused , should I make one or not , eventually I thought that it would be very nice if I could sing an arabic song, this way I could feel that I represented my country in some way , so I sang an Arabic song which is called “sahar al layali “ ,it is for a famous Lebanese singer ( Fairouz) , this song was my Egyptian friends( mai san) choice( good choice ^_^).

Of course special thanks to Andres san who really helped me a lot in my performance , he played the guitar along with me ,although Andres san didn’t know the song before , but he could play the song in just 20 minutes , I was really surprised and impressed by him.

My host family told me that they will be busy and that they can’t come to the party, so I wasn’t expecting to see them, but to my surprise they came, and I was really glad and touched especially when akemi san (my Japanese mom) told me that she thought that I will feel lonely seeing all the participant’s host family by their side, I am glad that I met such nice people in my life ^^

The party ^^

Akemi san and her husband ^^

videos of my Japan trip taken by Marco san who’s a creative young man ^^

A book store called "book off ", the best anime shop ever and it has branches all over Japan ^^ and cheap prices ^^

Asakusa/Tokyo , the place where I bought my yukata ^^

Some clips of trips around different parts of tokyo: shibuya, shinjuku, tokyo tower, ikebukuro^^

Marco san said about this video "These may not be the most noisy or high tech places I visited in Japan, but it is the Japan I fell in love with" , I agree with him and for me too these places were the places I fell in love with.

This video made my tears flow thinking of the places I love the most and also the song is the favorite song for kosuke san T_T

By the way, I tried to stay awake the last night in Japan but I couldn’t, my body couldn’t take it, Daniel san tried to wake me up but he couldn’t, I remember when I said good bye to everyone with a big smile in my face but inside my heart tears were flowing, after I said goodbye to everyone, I cried in the bus in my way to the airport, this is an emotion I will never forget T_T

Japan, I love you from the bottom of my heart , and to all the people whose dream is going to Japan , I will tell you that Japan is definitely worth it , so work hard and do your best and Japan will become a reality the same way it became for me.
Yes Japan is a dream, but it’s a dream that can come true, remember that ^^

minna ganbatte kudasai ( do your best everyone) ^^


Marco said...

Hello Rua!
I just want to say your posts are amazingly detailed and they made me think about everything in that awesome trip. You did a great job uploading everything about Japan and thanks to that many people will know how it was like.
Thanks for posting the videos as well! I´m happy you liked them! And I´ll try to make more as soon as I have the time to!

rua said...

Thank you Marco san, I really like your videos ^^

I am glad that u enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed making it ^^

I will put your videos , its different from watching some Japan video made by someone, I know that this video reflect my personl experience ^^ this make me happier watching them ^^

ganbatte kudasai ^^

Qutaibah said...

"Japan, I love you from the bottom of my heart "
no ... wallah more than that too
You get the gain from your hard work and you deserve that...

I will follow u may not now but this is a promise I take it on myself that japan is my life.

waiting your adventure stories in Japan as a student ;)