Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last day in Tokyo ^^

Our last day in Tokyo was interesting, it started early in the morning, we (Aw no mina san) left KitaUrawa center at 8 30 am , and we arrived at our first destination in the schedule which was the Diet Building which is a building where sessions of both the house of Representatives and the house of Councilors meet, The sessions of the house of Representatives take place in the left wing while the sessions of the house of Councilors take place in the right wing, well it’s not as interesting as the places we went before , but still something that is good to know about Japan.

After that we went for lunch, the program took us to a restaurant in Shibuya that serves vegetarian food, I am sorry to say that but I didn’t like the food at all and most of the participants didn’t like it either, the majority of us are non vegetarian and also we couldn’t see the point of taking us to such restaurant (it’s not even Japanese food), but anyway we were all polite when they asked us about our opinion in the food, we should have been honest.

The resturant ^^

Our vegetarian meal ^^

After our pure vegetarian meal ,We arrived at Meji-Jinga Shinto shrine at 1:45 pm which is also located at Shibuya , Meji-Jinga shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, it is visited by many people, especially on new year when people pay their first visits (called “Hatsumoude”).The number of the first visitors to the shrine is the largest in Japan, the view was amazing and also I liked a tree there , I spent most of the time walking near it ( I have no idea why I fell in love with it).

This is the tree I fell in love with ^^

Meji-Jinga Shrine ^^

After a very long day, we arrived at Haneda airport, it was time for us to leave Tokyo T_T, we enjoyed JAL airline flight^^ and we came back to our home, Kansai Japanese language center /Osaka^^

Yappari home sweet Home ^^

Haneda Airport

Next time, I am going to post about my Home visit and wadaiko (Japanese drum), so tanoshimi ni ^^


Qutaibah said...

konnichiwa Rua chan
calm and greatest that ppl feel when they look to these trees desu ne ?
whats this in pic number 10 and 11 ??
waiting wadaiko post and ur japanese home visit ;)

Kosuke said...

Hello Rua, those pictures really seem like they are taken long time ago, even though it's only been like one month and two weeks. ww I think that is how much I enjoyed the trip!!

BTW I will see Mikami-san and Kumagai-san soon at my university, they are coming there with their new group of people, as they are having two days trip in Kyoto. I will tell them you and I are still connected through our blogs!

Good day!

rua said...

Qutaibah kun :
This is wooden blocks where you can write your wishes on ^^ and then you can hang it , I dont know how long does it stay there !!

I am gonna post about both home stay and Wadaiko ^^

Thank you for always commenting ^^

Kosuke :

yeah , tell me about it , this trip changed me in so many ways , you cant imagine kosuke the impact of this trip on me ^^

Mikami sensei and kumagai san, ohisashiburi, I really wanna see them , and kumagai san is an active member in facebook , he always comment on aw no mina san status , this is so cool , tell them hi for me , well u ?^^

have an amazing day kosuke and enjoy hanging with the new group < but I think we are the coolest here >;p lol