Sunday, October 4, 2009

My free day in Tokyo <東京ディズニーランド> 9/9/1009 ^^

Hi minna ^_^

The free day was a big chance to discover the places that each of the participants (AW no minasan) dreamt of before coming to Tokyo, some wanted to go to Tokyo tower and Shibuya , most of them wanted to go to Akihabara ,well, for me the best thing ever was going to Disney land and hanging with my Japanese friends that I met in Jordan through a program called JMESC (Japan Middle East Student conference 2008 & 2009).

I wanted to go to Disney land since I have been a child , for some people Disney land is considered so childish, but for me ,it’s like a fantasy world that I really wanted to explore ^_^

My day started really early , I woke up at 7 am, I met Taruto san which is one of my Japanese friends that I also met at the JMESC 2008 , he picked me up from Urawa Institute which is located in Kita Urawa prefecture, and he treated me to a nice breakfast from star box ( such a nice guy T_T Thank you Taruto san ) , after that we rode the train and reached Tokyo station where Emi chan and Remi chan ( also participants of the JMESC 2009 )were waiting for me , after that Taruto san had to go (he had daigaku ( university ) ) , and then we continued our plan , we took 2 trains to Disney land which is located in Chiba ^^ ( There is Disney land and Disney sea , I wanted to enter both of them but I had to choose , so I chose the Childish one which is Disney land \(^.^)/ ).

I had a blast in Disney land, I was jumping, laughing and acting like a child , after all Disney land is a place where you forget reality, I enjoyed it and what made it more fun that I shared it with my friends ( Emi chan & Remi chan , arigatou T_T).

Disney land entrance ^_^ all the decorations were about Halloween because it was the next day ^^

The best ride ever, its theme was about space ,we couldn’t see the track because it was so dark, it was interesting and fun, this what made us ride it twice^^

This was a musical kawaii (cute) show , minni oh! minni ^^

I wanted to stay till night in Disney land and watch the amazing hanabi ( Fireworks ) but we had to go to Shinjuku because I wanted to meet my friends ^^ .We left Disney land at 5:00 pm and headed to Shinjuku which is a major commercial and administrative center, housing the busiest train station in the world (Shinjuku Station).

After that, we arrived at Shinjuku station, I was shocked to see a lot of my friends, I thought that its gonna be hard for them to come since 2 of them had started working and the others are university students (I felt glad and happy that I had such friends, although we didn’t meet for a whole year, they came for me, I will never forget the way I felt that day, I am blessed ^^).

I was hungry so we went searching for food that doesn’t contain buta ( ham meat ) , I really wanted to eat okonomiyaki but most of the resturants cook okonomiyaki with ham oil so its dame( not allowed ) for me to eat , since I am a Muslim girl , but eventually we found a store where you can cook your own okonomiyaki ( which is by the way more exciting ) ^^.

After a very oishii (Delicious) meal, we went to a karaoke box and we had fun (everybody sang, I miss karaoke T_T I wanna have one in Jordan).

Okonomiyaki ingrediants ^^

Okonomiyaki , oishii T_T

I left 11 pm because I had to catch a train, I arrived safely and I found the place this time although I was close of getting lost T_T

What a fun day … the next time I go to Japan, I wanna try Disney sea ^_^

Next post …my last day in Tokyo T_T wait and see what will happen ^_^


AliG said...
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AliG said...

sugoooooi Disney land looks so cool and fun and did you eat that food with raw egg?

rua said...

no alig kun , this is why I wrote Okonomiyaki ingrediants , its still raw because it wasnt cooked yet , we mixed the ingrediants and then cook it ^^

AliG said...

oh i get it now but isn't there some kind of food mixed with raw egg's in japan?

Qutaibah said...

konnichiwa Ra2oosh chan
wahahaha water coaster photo I can hear ur shouting until now :D
when I look to that pic before water coaster pic I laughed from my heart bottom bcz I was sleeply in the first I said what she doing on that old tree ah.. she being brown @_@ then I understand (like every time understand after hours :P)

what u mean by minni ?

" I will never forget the way I felt that day, I am blessed ^^)."
hope God make all of ur days like this day :)

-"I wanna have one in Jordan "
-I wanna have jordan in Japan or vice versa :D :P

hassan he beings Japanese person and have arabic name !

mmmmmm Oishii desu ne ?!

Qutaibah said...