Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Future ^-^

Sorry minna for not posting lately, I was really in a bad mood, but now I am happy and much better ^^

I was thinking lately about my future, it’s not wrong to think about the future and to plan your life the way you want, but at the same time I find out that thinking a lot about the future is just a waste time, why is that ??

Well there are many things that no one can predict in the future, and thinking too hard will make you sick eventually, and also the more I think about the future the more I feel scared of it, I don’t want to feel this way, so I decided that I will live the moment and stop thinking about the future, I will work hard like I always do and believe in myself and believe that the future will be bright for me^-^

I wonder what the future hides for me


momiji said...

nice post and nice picture!:)

i sometimes feel scared about the future also, but then i remember that Allah will choose us the best way.


rua said...

Thank you for always checking my blog ^_^

yeah, I will leave it all to allah, of course the things that I cant control ^_^

sou shimashou, ganbarimasu ^_^

Imo chan said...

waaaa I missed a lot of posts..
but glad that i have something interesting to read^^
for me.. i live for the future no matter what will happen
but always be optimistic and look with shiny eyes =P

Anonymous said...

ture true senpai! ^^ that's what I was trying to tell you!

lsn to this song =w= I gave it from me to me and now I'll give it to you (forget the vedio.. just lsn to the song)

enjoy~ =w=

Anonymous said...

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ukyou said...

Rua san

I felt that you were "not on some of you" the last few lectures. No need to worry much about the future. Just doing you best and a lot of faith in God and that is it ;)

By the way, we need, actually demand new japan posts :D
What was the most memorable aspect of Japan:)

rua said...

Hai Imo chan I am with u in this one, thinking alot makes u suffer ^_^ so doing ur best and leave it to god is the best thing ever ^^

Fafy bloom thanks honey ^^ ok Honey I will listen to it, I know it will cheer me up and encourage me ;p

I dont have any idea what are you talking about, sorry I dont know the program ^^ thanks anyway ^^

Ukyou sensei
I will do that sensei, thinking in the future brings alot of headache anyway, I dont want that, I am gonna do my best and leave the rest to god and I will try to think positive thoughts, I dont know if you read the secret but I believe in it ^^

as for the posts, sorry, but I intend to write about the danjiri matsuri, I think people would be interested to know about it ^^

Shitsumon no ala said...

I disagree with you ...
I always live in the future...

how? .. the answer is simple... I haven't achieved anything on my dreams...

I always think of the "future-me"

it is the opposite for me.. when I think of what I'm in right now...
it gives me a headache.. because I have too much difficulties in my life... and the only way to remove these bad feelings is to think how I wanna change my self...