Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JMESC and me ^^

Hi everyone, this year, I didn’t participate in the Jmesc but my best friends did and that’s arap and fafybloom , I was really busy with work ^^

I went out with the Japanese and of course my best friends, we went to Mecca mall , I really had fun , I found out that I love arap and fafybloom more than I THOUGHT T_T ( and of course I knew how much they love me , they kept talking about me and sis in front of the Japanese , when I met the Japanese they said to me “ you must be rua” , so I love u guys , thank you for always remembering me) ^^

Also , I was thinking a lot lately and I realized that I was killing myself in my own thoughts , I am sure that someday I will meet the perfect match for me ^^ and this what I realized while talking to arap chan .

So to all people who think about the future a lot, STOP IT , cause its really tiring , just freeze your thoughts and enjoy the moment , and your destiny is already written anyway, so nothing will change the future ^^ just wish that your destiny will be the way you like ^^


Anonymous said...

Not thinking about the future..?!

when someone has a miserable life, a terrible past, and an unknown future....he would think about the three of them. He would cry over his past.. think how unlucky his present is.. and think how much pain future would bring him...

this is the life of some people

Barry said...

Anonymous !!??
Dude your too miserable to be true
are you stupid ?!
go and get a life

Glad you had fun honey
no need to participate
make sure to get ready for your scholarship
you already hit the Jackpot

rua said...

I am talking about my life and the life of people around me ^^

anonymous I hope that things will work for u , thinking too much is not good at all.

when I said mina san , I meant my friend mainly and specific people ^^ but anyway thanks for the comment and good luck...

rua said...

Barry sama , it will be more fun of course if u were with us.

and I wish you luck too, not that u need it ;p