Friday, July 31, 2009

Yesterday ...amazing time ^^

Yesterday , I went with Ara chan , k sensei and her friend , imouto ( little sis )and farah to the cinema , we met there at 6 pm , ara chan , farah and Tayseer arrived earlier.

Tayseer had a part time job so he needed to go , after that we bought tickets for an amazing film , it’s called "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince" , I really loved it , I was fasting that day , so I bought McDonalds , and I broke my fasting at 8 pm when the movie started ,it was interesting and weird at the same time.

also Ayaka was with us ( she’s a Japanese girl studying in Hawaii) , we really enjoyed her company , she will be back ashita to Hawaii , so I wish her a safe trip.

I had a blast, yokatta that I went ^^

Here is a Trailer for the movie and enjoy the pics ^^

Its an amazing movie ^^

I hope you enjoyed the post , minna you need to go and watch that movie ^^ yokatta ^^


AliG said...

WoW when was that and why didnt you invite us T_T

well i hope you enjoyed watching the movie ^^

rua said...

well , next time ^^

and the movie is wow , u should go and watch it ^^

AliG said...

kk then ill wait for your invitation^^

oh and there will be a new animation movie in the cinema called PONYO by tht Director Hayao Miyazaki the one who made spirited away movie and its gona be this month so try to tell every one to come and see it.