Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Kareem^^

Mina san , first of all , I wanna say to all of you "Ramadan kareem" , I know that its gonna be a little hard this year since its hot and the days are long , but this way we can all sense the suffering of the poor people, I hope that Ramadan this year will be better than the last year , minna pray and read the holy Quran a lot, I hope that this year all our sins will be washed away , I wish you all a happy Ramadan ^^

Ok , back to my news ;p LAST NIGHT , I went with my best friend arap chan, ahmad (oniichan) to mecca mall to help ahmad pick up a gift for someone , he bought an amazing scarf ^^, and then I bought the same blouse that arap chan has bought , I will wear this blouse in Japan , so this way arap chan will always be with me ^^


AliG said...

Ramadan kareem rua-chan and i hope that this month will be blessed for us all.

rua said...

allah akram alig ^^
and I hope so too ^^

Qutaibah said...

Ramadan kareem Ra200sh chan

rua said...

thank you qutaibah ^^ allah akram