Monday, June 29, 2009

what a day ^^

Hi minna ,

Friday was really fun and interesting , I really enjoyed it ,it was my oniichan (older brother) graduation ceremony .

I didn’t see my university since a year , I really missed JUST , although studying in JUST was extremely hard but I really enjoyed every second in it , anyway , first ahmad’s friends came to the house , K san , M san and T san , they r ahmad’s childhood friends , they r really good and nice ^^

we arrived at JUST at 4 pm and the ceremony started at 5 , it was amazing , the dj was really stupid , but it was fine , I am proud of my older brother , he is the first of his class , I wish him the best in life , he will be a very successful man in the future .

anyway, enough talking , the pictures will tell the story better than me , so , hope you will enjoy ^^

K san was really nice , he brought us water , it was really hot *_*
tasukete kurete arigatou ;p

This is where the graduation took place ^^ ( notice how empty it is )

The one wearing the eyeglasses is my brother ( he was just showing off ^^) ;p baka mitai lol

jaa ~


momiji said...

On Friday was my graduation ceremony also.
It was great day!^^
May be it was the happiest day in my life! -^___^-

Imo chan said...

niiice pics Rua chan

i wanna graduate now xD

Barry said...

Mabroooook !!
I knew that Samara's members are capable of doing amazing thing

3o2bal Rawando
I hope all your days will be as cheerful as this day

rua said...

momhji san : alf mabrook , you know that it is amazing , the graduation day ^^

imo chan : you will ensha2allah , hopefully you will be the first in your class too^^

barry sama: thank u , and you will also graduate , enjoy it , it is an amazing day ^^ and allah ywafak

tade said...

That day was amaizing. we were all happy ^_^, and the pics they look fantastic.

Kanji_chan said...

OMEDETOU for your brother!^^
nice pictures!