Sunday, July 12, 2009

An invitation to the ambassador house ^_^

On Friday, I went to the ambassador house with my imouto (who was also invited ) for lunch. We weren’t the main guests as the ambassador said, the main guests were Japanese young girls hand ball team, I didn’t talk to them a lot, because I was with my friends and I met a very lovely and cute Japanese girl (A san) that is studying in Hawaii, her English accent is wow, me and my friend were talking to her the whole time.

Then , we ate together lunch , after that there was someone staring at us talking , Japanese people normally don’t do that O_O , so after that he asked me a question in Japanese ( why did I start learning the language ) chotto bekkureshita O_o, I told him the long same story , and then after that I asked him “ onamae wa?(what’s your name?)” , well , I accepted that the answer will be a name in Japanese , so he told me that his name is “maher “(Arabic name) , I was really surprised , so I said “majidi ( really )!!” and then he answered with a perfect Jordanian accent “ anjad “ , we literally jumped out of the table , he turned to be a mix , anyway , we had a blast and met the nicest people .

Enough talking, enjoy the pictures ^^

People at the lunch invitation ^^

Hand Ball team ;p

The ambassador introducing the hand ball team ^^


Biraru said...

Japanese handball team? what are they doing here?
anyway.. I hope you enjoyed ^^

btw, it's "majide" :p

karazai said...

ماشاء الله
يبدو انكم انبسطتم هناك

Imo chan said...