Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party at K sensei house ^^

hi minna , long time no post , I have been busy , now I am finally relaxed and free again, anyway, yesterday was k sensei no party , it was really fun, I was really surprised when I walked into her house to find the entire level there except d san , k sensei has prepared a lot of Japanese dishes , we enjoyed eating and listening to Japanese music , we really had fun.

I hope that everyone will be happy in their life , yesterday I felt that everyone at the party enjoyed their time , I am really happy for them , and may all our life be like a party , full of joy and fun ^^

Enjoy the pictures ^^

Japanese food , Ramen , sushi , salad and many dishes ^^


Barry said...

yeah sure every one had a nice time there
nice pictures ^^

my tummy still hurts me :/

rua said...

salamat , I am really sorry for u , I was really nervous that day T-T u know why bmb ^^