Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jordan Vs Japan

salam minna,

Ok lets go straight to the point !!

I don't know if you are aware of the big match between Jordan and Japan that was held in the land of the rising sun (Japan) , I decided to go to this match 2 months ago with my friends from Jordan to support our team in Japan.

so the process of asking for the tickets began since APRIL...

We were so happy to know that the Japanese Football Association gave 5000 tickets to the embassy of Jordan... so this meant to us that getting the tickets is easy since we are few Jordanians Living in Japan right ? ... WRONG...we had hard time getting the tickets !!

We were informed that the number of tickets is limited !! really !! limited!! 5000 tickets ... I am not sure about the number of Jordanians in Japan but no way its near that number !!

so we were pretty pissed that the process of asking for the tickets took longer than we expected ...actually we were informed that we can get the tickets 2 days before the match and we got the tickets on the day of the match !!

This is a prove that change comes from individuals themselves , its weird that although the Embassy of Jordan in a country organized like Japan yet still not being able to organize such a small event !! and unable to change the way they do things !!

anyway ...we got to the soccer hall and got the tickets ( Al Hamdullellah )

I cant describe the feeling I had the moment I entered the hall , It was great , my heart was beating so fast.

It felt like I am about to face a huge exam!!I wanted the Jordanian team to win so bad. its amazing how much in these situation your nationalism pops out.

This hall was filled with samurais who were cheering for the Japanese team , their unity in their blue shirts they were wearing , their voices , their waves and their movements was scary actually ...I felt fear and couldn't imagine how our team felt ...maybe this was the reason of the huge loss in the result of the match !!

But still 6-0 ... what a shame! the feeling of shame differs when you watch a match in the TV and when you are actually there in the mal3ab( hall) cheering for your team who is losing like this ...being only 5 cheering for a losing team is not cool at all , I am telling you that !!

Plus I hated the attitude of our players , I respect Japanese players for their fight until the end spirit that the Jordanian players lacked since the start of the game ... I respect how Japanese players waved to the audience and walked in the field while waving to their audience with proud at the end of the match (Bravo Japan) ^_^

ANYWAY ... I will leave you with pics Ahmad san took of the match ...

hopefully victory will come in the future our own field and in our own challenges in life ....

life is like a football match of which we seek victory in ...remember that dear viewers ^^

until next post ...salam


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

by the way
please delete that comment after you have read it

rua said...

Would like to see you
And would like to go

But when is it ???

Anonymous said...

is the 28th ok with you?
starts at 7pm & ends at 9pm.

You'd be back in Machida pretty late ><'
my apologies, but am just looking at available seats, and i think the 28th is the only day that has good seats

Anonymous said...

oh, and it's in Shin Oukubo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

uwaa~ 28th tickets r gone..
24th 1pm wa dou?

Anonymous said...

i hope u reply by 11pm, tickts wil b gone aftr tht..
gomen nasai ne

Kabo said...

ok 24th is th only seats available, so am jst gna go ahead & try to get, then i'll assume tht u'll do ur best to come,
if u absolutely can't, then i hope to c u in august/septmbr in concert ^^
*lol z ur keitai bango not registered in ur ward office? i tried my best to find it! no luck XD*

rua said...

Replied to your email :)

Anonymous said...

did you watch the match ?

rua said...

yes I did watch the match in Japan at Saitama stadium and I felt shame T_T Jordanian team did not play well since the moment they entered the field !!

But I felt proud of the Japanese team , this is part of living in Japan for a long time I guess !