Friday, July 6, 2012

Haiiro no kanaria !

Hi minna :)

I wanted to post about this since 24 June but, as I was so busy with the submission of my thesis before the deadline which was on 3d of July, the post was delayed.

I was invited to a stage play by my friend M chan who I haven't seen for many years ( I don't even remember when was the last time I saw her !). I was kinda busy at the time of the invitation but I wanted to meet her and talk to her. I think this is important and deserve my time :) ( after all friends are more important right ;p).

The stage play was called " haiiro no kanaria". It's a comedy romance play performed mainly by Masuda Takahisa ( a member of news and tegomasu), and other talented actors ( I forgot their names! Gomen ).

I was excited since this is the first time I watch a Japanese play. I felt like its a challenge as well ... I was wondering wether I can understand this play , I wanted to :)

As I entered the hall I fell in love with the decor used in the stage that my friend absolutely hated. I liked it and she hated it for the same reason. It reminded us of middle eastern furniture which is lovely to me :)

At the beginning of the play I didn't understand, as the characters was speaking way fast which maybe considered funny to Japanese. But after awhile I understood the story and had fun.

A lot of people don't understand Japanese humor but this play was fun even for non Japanese :)

Any way ... First time seeing a Japanese play ... First time seeing Masuda san ( love his voice ) ... And first time seeing my friend in Japan hamdullellah

Here is the link for the scenario of the play in English:

Until next post Salam minna :)

And thanks to both M&M sans;)


カボ said...

I'm glad you liked it and even if not for the most of it, you understood ^^'y
We were very glad to have you and to be in your presence.
It's a delight to my heart to know that you liked Massu's voice *giggles & blushes*
I hope that your thesis submission went as planned and maybe you can breathe a bit now ^^
Will always remember your smile <3

rua said...

my thesis submission was fine ^-^
it was pressuring but thank god everything went as planned!

Thank you for the invitation , I appreciate it...
and of coure massus voice is amazing ^^

Anonymous said...

what is the submission subject?
and did you finished the study in there ???

overall congrats for the submission.


rua said...

The submission subject was about children and youth adaptation strategies to water scarcity in Jordan.

Thank you ^.^