Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sakura ^_^

Dear readers of my blog ^^

I am going through a stressful time in writing my master thesis, seriously to who ever is thinking of studying masters may god be on your side...I will take a short break from that and post some of sakura pics that I took ...I Know its late since sakura (cherry blossoms ) was in April... but didn't have time back then...sorry for not keeping my promise earlier ....

as promised here are some pics ...enjoy ^.^

At the end , I would like to say that sakura trees are like human beings ...it blossoms to impress everyone with its beauty but soon it goes away leaving behind lovely memories

I pray to God that we will leave behind us traces filled with goodness and blessings ...hoping that these traces and deeds will be heavy on our scale on the day of judgment, the day we stand in front our one and only creator ( Alla ) ^^

أشجار الساكورا كالإنسان... تزهر و تسحر الكل بجمالها لكن سرعان ما تختفي كلمح البصر... تاركة ورائها الذكريات الجميلة

نسأل الله ان نترك ورائنا أثار كلها خير و بركة ...لعلها تكون في ميزان حسناتنا يوم نقف بين يدي المولى عز و جل

نراكم ان شاء الله في البوست القادم

حتى ذلك الوقت في أمان الله


Anonymous said...

niceeeeeeee pictures

what do you study now ?

and what kind the master objective ?

rua said...

yeah its really amazing , I love sakura its sad how it goes away in no time though!
Glad you liked them ^^

And to answer your question , my major is called " Human Security and Communication " , its a major that deals with anything that has to do with human rights regarding access to water , health care , or any issue that has an affect on humans like environmental issue ( water scarcity , deforestation ...etc)...you just name it !

my major is so broad anonymous ...

Anonymous said...

Wow its great really !!!
and your research about what?
and what the kind of jobs you will looking for ?

sorry for a lot of questions but i interest in your mind :)

rua said...

My research is about "water scarcity in Jordan and adaptation strategies for children and youth "^^

As for the jobs , I am not thinking about that now , I don't like to think about the further future especially when its about Jobs ... but possible fields for my major as NGOs or in any large company under social responsibility division...

who knows , thanks for your interest and following my blog ^^