Monday, December 6, 2010

Japan...a super-high-aging society

if you live in Japan for a while , you will notice something, looking around you while setting in a densha (train), you will see a lot of elderly.

this is a problem that Japan is facing in the 21th century that it didn't have before in the 20th century, the aging society issue.

the consequences of this is huge , now Japan facing shrinking labor force, a solution to that can be by international migration into the work force , but Japan will not like that because Japan is like another planet in which people have their own culture and traditions that not everyone can live and adapt to, so Japanese people will prefer robots doing tasks instead of actually encouraging migration to the country.

so the solution to that can be and this is actually what the government did , and that is by delaying the retirement for employees until 65 , encouraging continuous work even after retirement , and the new businesses projects for people who are 70 or even more, but this is maybe a tempering solution.

Japan still need more foreigners especially in the nursing field!!(because there are many elderly to take care of)

how about the pensions for the huge amount of retirees ? who is gonna pay that ? with this current birth rate (low fertility) ,who will pay for the young people that are paying taxes for the elderly in the future ?

The increase in the number of elderly people in spite of a decreasing overall total population has led to the expectation that the aging rate will reach 25.2%, or 1 in every 4 being elderly, in 2013 and 33.7%, or 1 in every 3, in 2035.

and this problem will get worsen in the future because of the low fertility rate, due to the postponement of marriage by single women to advance in their career , or to the life attitude of having one child in each household, which is not enough to keep the population stable !!

this will be my presentation for today , Japan an aging society..

so what do you think the solution can be to this big issue ?? hmm ...I wonder

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