Monday, November 16, 2009

My life ...

Hi minna,

To all people who are checking and reading "Kaze no Koe" blog, sorry to tell you that its gone now, I have been reading it and enjoying the topics posted every time, hontou ni arigatou Mohammad san for all the nice posts and wish you the best in life^^

This is a song that I would like everyone who is thinking a lot about the future to hear ( I felt that it represents how I feel ), this is dedicated to you Mohammad kun (kaze no koe owner).

Thank you fafybloom for the amazing song, it made my day ^^


Imi chan said...

I liked that >_< too bad

the song is awesome thnx senpai =)

AliG said...

hay rua chan how is every thing with you?

its been along time since i enterd your blog ^_^, and whats about mohamed blog did he close his account