Thursday, April 16, 2009

walking in the rain ^-^

Hi all ,

I have to tell you that nothing is better than walking in the rain , I went to a place that is somewhat near my home *_* , I decided to return walking ,it started to rain , I could have took a taxi but I didn't , I walked instead , althought it was cold and windy , I enjoyed my time alot.

ok , I know my hair and clothes became wet, and also there was a high probability that I might catch a cold but for me , nothing better than walking in the rain ^-^


Biraru said...

I agree with you ^^
雨が好き ^^

momiji said...

just thinking about that made me feel "samui" o_o"
I prefer to watch rain from the window while drinking some hot drink ( ^-^)且~~~

Qutaibah said...

konnichiwa R chan
yea I agree u too
bcz u can take after half hour, one holiday week in the bed :P
have anice days :)

Beautiful and Kawaii Photos of Japan said...


rua said...

okaeri ^-^ and thank you for the comment ^-^ kawaii photos of japan