Saturday, March 14, 2009

lunch at the Ambassador house ^0^

Hi minna

I really enjoyed participating in the speech contest , the ambassador gave an invitation to all the participants in the speech contest to come to his house , he thought that everyone deserved it ,so do I ^-^

first , A chan came at my house then we went to Abdoon circle , there we met F chan , we went from there to the ambassador house , we enjoyed it , it was amazing , they gave us a sticker at the entrance that identifies us , in my case , the sticker was (1st place winner speech contest ^-^), as we entered the house , there was a lady who gave us juice , A chan took beer ( she thought it was apple juice , so the lady told her that it was beer , all the Japanese people around us were laughing), we laughed a lot .

Then the ambassador thanked the people who attended including the Jordan times, Japanese people working at JICA and working in the embassy and teaching Japanese language.

Then it was time for food, we really enjoyed the Japanese food a lot^-^

Then, we played with the amazing robot that the ambassador had, it is a children toy that costs 300$ *-*

I talked to a lot of amazing people and enjoyed my time.
Enjoy the pics

The cute robot

see you next post ^-^


amjad mahfouz said...

woooooh, sogoy

rua said...

yeah I know , I really enjoyed my time , and the sushi was perfect , at the end we met the cook who made the food and thanked him and told him "otsukaresamadeshita" which means "good work"

Qutaibah said...

waw lunch in ambassador san house :)
what types of food u ate?
Dr.Q sensei , E chan , u and ur sis , where was YZN san.

rua said...

alot of food , I didnt eat well cause I was buzy talking with alot of people , yazan was there but ..

YzN said...

hehehe ^^

but...he was in the shadows moving like the wind breeze hovering all over the place :P

seriously, I wasn't comfortable at first and unfortunately it took me sometime to blend with the atmosphere...
this was when Mr.robot came in and captured my attention until we left

as an evidence "Rua I'm sorry for posting the link here "

today was so great, the ambassador and his wife are very nice people
the food was great too -although I still don't know what I ate ^^

Biraru said...

Rua san
صحتين ^^

YzN san
we want more better evidences :p

rua said...

Yzn san:haha , it is ok , I was comfortable because my friends were with me , and I didnt know what I ate either ^-^

it was fun ^-^

Biraru san :it is ok , I will swear that he was there ^-^

Kanji_chan said...

ooo cool!
I hope you had a nice time communicating in Japanese nad enjoying great food :)
In the old days(lol) , it was a dinner rather than a lunch.

rua said...

Last time it was dinner too , this time is an exception ^-^

But I really enjoyed talking to many people ^=^

anas said...
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anas said...

rua have you ever tried to make japaneas food or you just eat it