Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye level 4 , Hi level 5 \(^-^)/

Yesterday was really fun, I enjoyed the graduation ceremony a lot , first , we received our certificates from K sensei , and because level 5 is the last level at JICA , they had the honor of receiving the certificates from the ambassador himself ^-^

After that , we enjoyed eating Japanese food , I liked the sushi ^0^ then all of the levels enjoyed watching a movie called " The Cats Return " , I can't set while watching the people who organized the events clean , I just can't , so I enjoy helping them in the cleaning process ^-^

After that we took nice pictures, enjoy the pics^-^


momiji said...

Tanoshikatta ne!:)
Omedetouuuuuu Gozaimasu!^^

Barry said...

The last 3 pictures are from my Blog
am calling the police <_<
this is CopyRight@


Mabrook girl
keep the good work

Qutaibah said...

Omedetou Gozaimasu !^^
good u complete level waw Gunbatte ... :)

Imo chan said...


WOW now u'll come professional in nihongo

ganbatte kudasai :D

Biraru said...

おめでとう~ ^^

AliG said...

what the hell Rua chan and barry kun ill charge you for the last pictures coz it was taken from my phone ^^

and おめでとう~

Kanji_chan said...

Way to go Rua chan!! \(^-^)/
omedetou & ganbatte!