Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Exam ...level4 *-*

hi minna ,

after 3 hours I will be having level's 4 last exam , I am really worried because the kanji in this level is not easy and there is alot of words and grammer , I hope that all the people in my class will pass .

ya rab ,I hope that everything will turn fine @-@

wish me luck minna ^-^


amjad mahfouz said...

Good luck :)

momiji said...

100/100 insha'llah :)

Imo chan said...


inshalla 100 :D

Tade said...

I passed...
banzai\(^-^)/banzai...guess what?
91.5 T T

rua said...

amjad , momiji chan, Imo chan , I didnt get 100 , I got 88 , sorry , the exam was reallyt difficult T-T

Tade , talking about your self , anyway congratulations^-^

YzN said...

omedetou ^^
Rua and Tade

Barry said...

it sure was one hell of a Exam
but really 88 sure is a very high mark ^^

keep the good work girl
and mabrook for passing level4

rua said...

barry kun : thank you , thank god that we passed ^-^

guntur said...

shugoii. watashi o nihongo hanashimasen.