Saturday, January 12, 2013

Early Marriage !

Ok here is the thing !

Today I saw a relatives sister who is only 13 years old ! I was shocked when I knew that her wedding will be this Tuesday! I even told my relative 'this is bad, she is so young "

At first I said "omg" !! this is so bad and not fair !

But when I met her, these feelings faded away and I even didn't see anything wrong with her marrying at the age of 13! you might ask me why !

well she seems as old as me (looks, makeup , style )! her body language ! her actions and interactions with her husband to be, was pretty mature ! she may know things that I may not know even in my current age !

Am I against early marriage ! it depends ! depending on the mentality of the girl !

If you asked me the same question before I met this girl , I would definitely say : I am totally against early marriage ! but this girl changed my point of view a little bit on the topic !

I still think that in general cases early marriage is not a cool thing and in most cases it destroys the girl ! however sometimes a 13 years old girl can be a 23 years old if you look at the way she thinks and her maturity level ! when I was 13 I was trying to memorize anime opening and wanted to play with toys and barbies ;p ! so ...

Until next post ...stay safe


Anonymous said...

Don't judge anything without revise the details

rua said...

I did see the details Mr Anonymous !
and I am against early marriage normally but this case is totally different !

Anonymous said...

This is an example for a lot of issues in our life that you have to take a look onto the details before judge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as a women's rights supporter, I think the idea of marrying a little girl (because you cannot consider a woman under 18 as an adult, even if she acts as one! ) is prohibited all around the world.

Girls at that early age do not have enough experience, objectiveness, criticism and self-supportiveness to decide weather or not is good to get married.

Of course, it is wrong, moreover you are supporting somehow the idea that marrying a kid is right, and therefore the idea of having sexual relations with under age girls.

The worst thing is we are living in 21th century and the idea of deciding important issues behalf of a girl (such as marrying her with an adult) is still supported; and the kids of that poor girl will keep the same idea and so on. I think, this kind of things should be punished, where are you from? why this kind of things are not punished in your country? I'd like to understand it.

rua said...

I am not supporting it for all women in the world ! I have judged based on this case !

I was of course against it in another situation!
also in many countries girls way under the age of 18 are having sex and are aware of what they are doing ! (I am against sex before marriage).

In my country , you should be 18 in order to get married. however , if in certain situation the judge see that marriage is in the girls benefit , then he will approve !( generally , he does every time which destroys the girls life)

I am living in Jordan.
know that this girls life will improve after marriage ! I am generally against early marriage but in this case I am totally ok with it.

This is my opinion/ of course I am supporting women right ! but we should not tell people what to do based on our own perspective of the world ! this is why most development projects forced by the west failed and caused more poverty.

I think there are cases on which you can judge !

Its ok if we don't agree on this , cause I do not support early marriage but I am with this girl and I am supporting her decision !

she was not forced to marry the guy plus she is in love with him ( I have seen the way they interact ).

I respect your opinion and thank you for your comment :)