Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year 2013 !

Happy New year everyone!

I don't know why this year , the coming of 2013 didn't mean much for me. I remember last year when I was in Japan, I was so excited to celebrate the new year and even went to Tokyo tower to count down the end of 2011 and welcome the beginning of a new awesome year! my camera was lost or stolen in Roppongi hills ! one of the most dangerous areas in Tokyo in my opinion especially at night !

I didn't feel bad when I lost my camera ... I said what most Muslims say when they lose their items " its god well"! on top of that , I welcomed 2012 with an earth quack of a magnitude of 7!

2012 was a very tiring year for me especially at the beginning of it. I lost friends and gained friend ! set my self free ! achieved many dreams and learned a lot ! life is a journey after all ! I think we all know that !

This year I didn't care about the new year celebration idea ! I hated that most channels put people who predict the future... I was disgusted from them as I think no one knows the future but god ! I mean who do you think you are ! you are not god !

Anyway , for me the only thing that I wish for in this new year is a more stable life ^.^ in all aspects !!

I don't wanna celebrate a new year ! whats the point ! Instead I wanna enjoy my life each day at a time ^.^ and focus on after death goals ^^

until next post ...stay safe and have a glorious year minna ^^

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