Friday, September 9, 2011

Ramadan ^_^

Dear readers of my blog ^_^

I am really sorry.I didn't wish you a happy Ramadan as I was going through several unexpected life changing events in my life...I was disappointed in many people...but anyway I am trying to fold some pages of my life and things that already happened and facts that cant be controlled by my side..

Back to my topic for this post which is Ramadan..

For me this Ramadan was the first time I spent away from my family and friends in Japan, and to make things even worse, I'v been through many things that made me afraid that I will not stay alive by the end of it!!

At the beginning, it was really sad and bad for me , so I decided to start going to the mosque after I finish the internship that I am doing in the summer break...
I used to go to the mosque almost everyday and met a lot of friends that I have never thought of meeting..

My new friends saved me from the situation I were in and they made up for the sadness and loneliness I felt for the past one year and a half stay in Japan..T_T

This Ramadan was amazing to me as I met new friends whome I really love and appreciate having from the bottom of my heart. It has been an eye opener for me on how Muslims in Japan live. for me I felt that Muslims are sisters and brothers when they are away from their home countries because they are minorities ,which is not the case when they are in their own countries. I really wish that Muslims everywhere will feel the same connection that I felt during my Ramadan in Japan.

The feeling that I belong to a great nation , the nation of Islam... this year I felt Ramadan more than any year before. I am grateful for that !!

At the end of this post... I want to pray that I will always be surrounded by friends who love me and may allah give me the strength to go on with my journey in achieving my dreams..

Thank god for the blessing that u have given me so far ... al hamdullella * thank god*

See ya next post aman alla


Anonymous said...

why do you always put (eye) in your blog header?


rua said...

My name "rua" is the plural of vision And normally The eye is used to indicate a Vision
It's my eye looking at life with my own prespective :)

I am against masonisim and anything attached to it ... Didn't think that the eye is the only thing that represent Masonic peolple

For me an eye is an eye ;)