Monday, September 5, 2011

Life ... Shocking to my eyes !!

Dear readers of my blog..

I didn't write here for a while, partly because I was busy in life and partly because my mood was really bad >_<, its like my emotions were riding a roller coaster, so sorry for that ...

In life we dream about certain things. These things can vary from simple to really big things that can change your life 180 degrees. it can be anything.

Once you have a dream of achieving something or obtaining something , you start imagining your life with it to the extent that you feel like maybe you will die without it.At least this is what happens to me !! OvO
And this is in my opinion where people's mistake lies...
I think that we should of course dream and dream big ...but I think that we should always remember that in life there are things that we cant control , we cant control people , we cant control our surroundings that can be represented by culture and traditions. yes we think that these things should not stop us but sometimes it stand in the way of reaching what we want T_T ...this is my friends called reality >_<

Sometimes a big dream that you thought your life cant operate without it dies but a new dream is born again and a new journey and adventures is yet to come...

I am trying to be positive, I have been negative so far and it effected my health and my emotions as well...

So instead of turning into an EMO and start cutting myself @_@ I decided to embrace life again and see the things and blessings that I already have, look at the things that I already achieved and remember the old me who whenever falls down in public laughs loud instead of crying or feeling shame...the me who smiles all the time .. the me who lives for the moment hoping that the future will be bright.

Maybe because I am a simple girl I thought that everyone will be simple and kind and share the same idea of life as me,but life is shocking to my eyes as there are people living in our society who choose to live in a bubble and don't wanna get out of it and see how life is viewed by others and how it can be simple ,sweet and complications free..

ahh anyway , don't wanna make a long post
what I wanna say minna ...embrace life ... believe in your self and love your self ...

life is shocking to my eyes but I am giving life a chance to make up for the disappointments that it has given me so far ..
so this is to u life ...lets see what u hide for me ... better be something really good >_>

until the next post ... be7fz ellah ^_^


EvaLuna said...

Konichiwa Rua san

I wanna add something to you post although I have only met a couple of times and from a distance.

You glow with positive energy.People around you like, even seek it as not everybody has the ability to generate original happiness and energy.

You add something so nice to the world , being yourself makes the world a better place. I know, sometimes when you hold the things you have waited for for a long time you feel some kind of disappointment. Something inside you says: ''So this is it? This is what I wanted so bad? so why does it feel only Ok now?''.

This does not matter, because throughout the way you stumble with things that gives you unexpected happiness and satisfaction.

The game is to play it cool, give life the time it needs and tune into the cosmic rhythm.

This loneliness and despair comes in the package of being ''The Hell of a Person'' so take it all.

I am writing you those words because I feel them , and to pay you back the great help you helped me when I was in Spain feeling so lonely and mad and swearing that am gonna drop it and come back.

I am so happy I did not come back. Life has surprised me and so it will surprise you.

Lots of Love and Do3a2
your virtual sister:

rua said...

Thanks 7bebti ,

You know I discovered that what I called disappointments when I wrote this post back then was actually planned from god...

you know when you are faced with many obstacles , and then at the end of them you feel happy and relaxed. you know that these obstacles stood against you because whatever you wanted wasn't good for you and god is hiding something big and better for you.

These are temporary disappointments that will turn insha alla into great happiness with the well of god in the future.

I said I wonder what is life hiding for me , well now I say I wonder what Alla is hiding for me , and I am sure that whatever happens , I know that I am not wiser than god and I know that no way alla will choose something bad for me simply because Alla loves me more than anyone ...

May alla wish happens always even if sometimes at first I may feel that its against my own wish... but with time I will know that this is for my own good..

I am feeling happy now cause when I say Thank god , I mean it from the bottom of my heart and each instance of my body feels it

what more can I ask from life ...
life cant give me a thing its Alla who gives ... not trusting life instead trusting god and leaving it to alla to design my life