Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking forward to the trip to Izu ^^

Hi minna ^^

I am so excited about the trip to Izu ,what the hell is Izu?, where is izu ? (this is the questions in going in your mind right now ne )!!

well Izu is large mountainous peninsula with deeply indented coasts to the west of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of the island of Honshū.

I will stay there for one night in a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese inn in which floors are made of tatami (Traditional Japanese mats), there is an onsen (hot spring, first time), and ryokan Typically provides guests with a yukata to wear.

and also in Izu we will do momo tabehoudai (which means eat as much as u can of peaches , from the tree directly).

I am looking forward to it , it will be at 31 July , I will upload pictures after I come back so tanoshimi ni ^^

hai ja ne ^_^


カボのタカ said...

ネ~~ ルアちゃん
I felt like it to remind you...
I have been told that you "SEEM TO BE TRYING" to watch out for your health (がんばってネ ^^)...
1 もも = 89 kcal

Throughout your day, one should not eat more than 2000 kcals (いっぱいけどいい)...

ま!いつもからだにきをつけてくださいネ ^^

rua said...

arigatou ne kabo no taka ^^

hontou ni kore kara mo atashi no karada ni ki wo tsukemasu yo (^_^)/

hai I will keep that in mind thank you ^^

ganbarimasu ^^