Thursday, July 22, 2010

HI everyone , ohisashiburi T_T

minasan , hi ^_^

I am back again (tadaimaaaaaa), sorry >_<, I didn't post anything to my poor blog for a long long time , but I was really busy with my new life in Japan, Japanese classes and also preparing for my entrance examination for continuing masters in Japan T_T

It was really hard emotionally and physically tiring >_< but the good news is that I passed the entrance examination and I WILL be starting on September at SFC campus /Keio university, I am so relaxed now^_^

so what I am doing right now !! basically I am going to interesting places in Japan , went to furin festival that was held in kawasaki daishi(furin is the traditional Japanese Graden bells),hanabi (fireworks) wearing yukata(Traditional cloths) and Disney sea and many other places, next on my list in Hakone which is a very nice area that is really near mountain fuji (fuji san , this will be ensha2allah my first time), I will stay the night there in a nice traditional hotel^_^

from now on I will try to update my blog , I am so sorry for not updating it , there was no time T_T

see ya soon

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