Friday, July 31, 2009

Yesterday ...amazing time ^^

Yesterday , I went with Ara chan , k sensei and her friend , imouto ( little sis )and farah to the cinema , we met there at 6 pm , ara chan , farah and Tayseer arrived earlier.

Tayseer had a part time job so he needed to go , after that we bought tickets for an amazing film , it’s called "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince" , I really loved it , I was fasting that day , so I bought McDonalds , and I broke my fasting at 8 pm when the movie started ,it was interesting and weird at the same time.

also Ayaka was with us ( she’s a Japanese girl studying in Hawaii) , we really enjoyed her company , she will be back ashita to Hawaii , so I wish her a safe trip.

I had a blast, yokatta that I went ^^

Here is a Trailer for the movie and enjoy the pics ^^

Its an amazing movie ^^

I hope you enjoyed the post , minna you need to go and watch that movie ^^ yokatta ^^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bye Bye mohammad ^^

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting lately.

On Sunday , we went to Hussan park for a special occasion , Mohammad is returning back to Dubai , after he graduated he has nothing to do here ^^, it was time for him to go back , I wish him luck in life , he doesn’t need it though , atama ga ii dakara ^^( he is smart ).

We really enjoyed our time, most of our level were there, kikuchi sensei was there, ara chan , fafy chan mo , we played volleyball and dodge ball our way ^^

we even played soccer , I will never forget that day ^^ , it was a mixture of happy and sad emotions at the same time, happy because all the people that I love were there , and sad cause Mohammad is leaving us , I wonder what the future hide !!! We will see ^^

Bye Bye and good luck

see ya again next post ;p

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An invitation to the ambassador house ^_^

On Friday, I went to the ambassador house with my imouto (who was also invited ) for lunch. We weren’t the main guests as the ambassador said, the main guests were Japanese young girls hand ball team, I didn’t talk to them a lot, because I was with my friends and I met a very lovely and cute Japanese girl (A san) that is studying in Hawaii, her English accent is wow, me and my friend were talking to her the whole time.

Then , we ate together lunch , after that there was someone staring at us talking , Japanese people normally don’t do that O_O , so after that he asked me a question in Japanese ( why did I start learning the language ) chotto bekkureshita O_o, I told him the long same story , and then after that I asked him “ onamae wa?(what’s your name?)” , well , I accepted that the answer will be a name in Japanese , so he told me that his name is “maher “(Arabic name) , I was really surprised , so I said “majidi ( really )!!” and then he answered with a perfect Jordanian accent “ anjad “ , we literally jumped out of the table , he turned to be a mix , anyway , we had a blast and met the nicest people .

Enough talking, enjoy the pictures ^^

People at the lunch invitation ^^

Hand Ball team ;p

The ambassador introducing the hand ball team ^^