Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nippon koi ???

Hi minna , I started working and guess what ??

at the same floor that I am working in ,there is a company that is called "nippon koi " , yes it is a japanese company , most of the people working there are japanese ^-^lol.
it is like whereever I go I find Japanese related stuff ^-^\

anyway , I went to my class today but I just attended the last 15 minutes cause my work ends late!!T-T

but it is fine , I will study alone ^-^ I am happy now , anyway the japanese people at my floor were surprized when I told them " Ohayou gozaimasu " ^-^

jaa , see ya next post

Thursday, April 16, 2009

walking in the rain ^-^

Hi all ,

I have to tell you that nothing is better than walking in the rain , I went to a place that is somewhat near my home *_* , I decided to return walking ,it started to rain , I could have took a taxi but I didn't , I walked instead , althought it was cold and windy , I enjoyed my time alot.

ok , I know my hair and clothes became wet, and also there was a high probability that I might catch a cold but for me , nothing better than walking in the rain ^-^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

long time no post T-T

Hi all ,

I am really sorry that I haven't posted lately , It is not that I dont have anything to talk about , I have many things to tell you minna, I have started the new level of japanese language 5 , it is the last level at JICA , I am really sad T-T

I have many things that I have to do , I promise you all that I will continue posting no matter what ^-^