Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am in trouble !!

Hi readers of my blog ^_^

I am in a big trouble >_< I just received an email saying that I should leave the dorm by the end of 28th of Feb T_T ( I though that I can stay until April ).

The problem is that I will go back in the summer break on 14th of Feb to Jordan , so this means that I have no time to look for an apartment WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS T.T. In other words , I will be homeless when I come back to Japan until I find another solution ...

wow I mean what a big stressful problem... I have to move out and I have to find a place to put my luggage , its really really stressful, I hope that everything will turn fine T_T

I hope that I will figure something out ... until next post .. salam


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