Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year !!

I don't know if there are people reading my blog since I didn't post a lot lately (sorry for that), but oh well, as I promised I will do a post about what I did with my best friend Kanji chan in new year ^_^

First of all , I know its late now to say "Happy new year " but , HAPPY NEW YEAR^_^

Before new years day, I went with my friend K chan to the Olympic center near yoyogi koen(park) , a lone with more than 300 people from different countries ,we participated in many activities, basically we did the things that Japanese people do in new year. it was fun, I remembered when I first came to Japan in 2009 , I participated in a similar program so it was really natsukashii, for my friend kanji chan it was even more natsukashii(since she came to the same center when she first came to Japan).

At the first day , we felt that it was hard since we had to wake up early in the morning to start the activities ( we were like what the hell did we put ourselves into !!T_T), our day started with radio taisou 6 30 am( JAPANESE way of sports ), then we had the most delicious breakfast ever T_T ( long time since I had good food ), then as usual ice breaking activities.

Our first day was really hard, but it got better the next day when we started making stuff , we made something called "kadomatsu" which is a traditional Japanese craft that they do in new year ( nowadays they buy it from stores) , and also we made "futomaki" ( which is a traditional Japanese sushi that Japanese eat in new year).
it was really fun, but still at the end of the day we were tired and all we wanted to do is to sleep.

Also we had to do a performance, here is the thing , because we were more than 300 people , we were divided into 29 groups and each group had to make a performance at the end, and there was a contest between groups, it was really hard since my group chose to perform "soran bushi"(which is a Japanese traditional dance) that require many moves , it was like sports.

At the end it was really a nice experience , I met a lot of people, and in a matter of 3 days I really got along with my group and we shared a lot in such a short time, we were so touched at the end as we know that we will be apart from each other and we may not see each other , not because we are in a different country (we live in Japan)but because each of us is really busy with life in Japan>_<

here are some pics ^^

enjoy ...

Traditional Japanese craft in new year (Kadomatsu)^_^

Look how long the futomaki that we did ( sushi in new year)^_^

futomaki ^_^

My group leaders ^_^

I miss the food we used to have T_T

here is a song that the Olympics center played during the whole program

and this is soran bushi dance , we didnt dance as good as they are T_T

anyway , this was it , I hope you enjoyed it...see ya next post

jaa ne

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