Friday, October 5, 2012

I am back !

Hi minna !

I am back to a place where I called my country ...its Jordan ! its funny how sometimes when you live in a place for a long time start to belong and feel like its your own country !

I have been living in Japan for 2 years and a half now ...and I am glad to say that I am Japanese ...of course I don't have the Japanese nationality but I don't need a nationality to have the passion that I have to Japan !

At the end ... everything or any stage of our life has an ending ! and I need to adapt to my new life ! I hope that sweet life is hiding more interesting things for me ! who knows ! waiting for your surprises life !

This is a message to Japan ...

Dear Japan,

Words cant express my thanks ... you have been a warm place for me ... you introduced me to many interesting people and many friends that carved roads in my heart...I will never ever let you go and I know that you will never let me go ...yes I am not ashamed to say that you are my country ! you are my passion where I can feel peace and I can get my rest !

I love you more than anything else...

I feel pain that I will be separated from you...

You have seen my tears so many times and you made me a strong person...

I discovered the real Rua in you ... you are my birth certificate ! before you I was not alive ! I thought I was but you showed me what does it mean to be alive!

To the Japan I love ...I will come back ! I will come back !

I am Japanese inside ... I don't need a nationality !

Looking forward to meeting you soon. until then please take care of yourself. dont shake again T.T

Rua Samara